Expand, mature and industrialize the European RISC-V ecosystem

The TRISTAN consortium aims to expand, mature and industrialize the European RISC-V ecosystem to compete with existing commercial/proprietary alternatives.

This will be achieved by leveraging the Open-Source community to gain in productivity and quality.

This goal will be achieved by defining a European strategy for RISC-V-based designs, including the creation of a repository of industrial quality building blocks to be used for SoC designs in different application domains (e.g. automotive, industrial, etc.).

The TRISTAN approach is holistic, covering electronic design automation tools (EDA) and the full software stack.

The Project

The broad 46 partner consortium will expose many engineers to RISC-V technology, further strengthening adoption. This ecosystem will ensure a European sovereign alternative to existing commercial/proprietary players.

The focus of TRISTAN is to ensure that RISC-V building blocks become easily available to industrial users. Given this focus, TRISTAN has established the following focus areas:

The consortium, which includes the largest EU companies and globally operating semiconductor IDMs, is convinced that once solutions using RISC-V building blocks are well verified, the industry will feel sufficiently confident to make the investments necessary for tape-outs.